Monday, 21 October 2013

My 1st proper post EVER.

After taking so much of time thinking about this blog name. Finally got one.
so *YAAAY!* to myself. Well I am not what you think I am really a good Miss Haersham not a bad and ugly one.. I guess yes Good and Ugly one. So now I have to hushUp and write about the random things which i cant share with my people.. You know how its hard to tell something to person you love and to people you know. 'CAUSE PEOPLE ARE JUDGMENTAL and others are just mental and they really dont care.

Anyhow I am random person really really a random person. Look left or right you probably get the introduction side. 

I am having a perfect life *Alhumduliah*(o' wow now you can judge I am muslim and somewhere from east side;  nice one you are genius; BLEKH)

My life consist of blessed family and my lovestruckGuy. 
and yeah I am also really good Student.

So conclusion of this post is : Life looks perfect but somehow and somewhere its not.
ps. I love him.


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